Control is good, trust is cheaper

By Camilla Sondrup Nielsen

The planning of IWDK20 is moving forward, and we are excited to bring along some trusted business partners for the seventh Internet Week Denmark which will be taking place on May 12th – 17th, 2020.

IWDK is and should remain a festival of reflecting debates on putting people first in the digital age, and in which companies, professionals, and citizens gain solid knowledge on technological possibilities and challenges. As always, the success of the festival depends on our business partners getting together, networking, and actively contributing to the festival in terms of financial aid, knowledge, facilities, events, specialties, etc. In order to fully kick off the festival, the IWDK team hence invited a bunch of our most trusted allies to an advisory board meeting focusing on how we together can create an exciting, opinion-forming digital festival with sky-high quality.

The theme of Internet Week Denmark 2020 evolves around how digital developments are affecting Trust & Tech, Today & Tomorrow. Accordingly, we invited Gert Tinggaard Svendsen, professor at the Institute for Political Science, to come and share his insights regarding the concept of trust.

One of the points he made was that Denmark is one of the most trusting societies in the world. A whole of 78 pct. of Danes trusts one another. In comparison, only 22 pct. of the citizens in Germany and the United Kingdom believe other people to be trustworthy. The world average regarding trust is leveled at 25 pct.

The use of new technology may challenge our trust in both the technology itself but also our trust in each other, in democracy, companies, etc. Hence, it is crucial that we explore how we can maintain the high level of trust among Danes so that we may thrive and even export the Danish way of combining tech and trust as well as business and trust.

“Trust equals fewer costs and thus increases competitiveness while at the same time ensuring greater job satisfaction. The reason? Well, trust eliminates a whole lot a bureaucracy. It simplifies and streamlines tradeoffs because trust posits expectancy and predictability”, Gert Tinggaard Svendsen says.

After Gert Tinggard presented his view, the advisory board discussed multiple scenarios and possibilities as well as concrete ideas and improvements both in relation to IWDK20 and the long-term strategy for the coming festivals. Our ambition is to make Internet Week Denmark 2020 the best IWDK festival yet and to make it a stepping stone for the next four festivals.

Are you considering becoming a partner and supporting the festival financially or by providing services? Please contact Louse Overgaard, Head of Internet Week Denmark, at