A broad business perspective

By Camilla Sondrup Nielsen

IWDK is a collaborative process. Thus, we have established an expert committee consisting of 14 business profiles with various backgrounds. The purpose of the expert committee is to share and discuss ideas concerning IWDK in order to develop the best possible IWDK festival – both for 2020 and the forthcoming years.  The expert committee ensures a wide span of competences and knowledge sharing and contributes to keeping us sharp in creating a versatile festival. The experts assist and advise the IWDK team in many matters and have a hand in everything from the theme, direction and objectives for IWDK20 to concrete propositions on content, speakers, and partnerships deals.

IWDK20 is going to provide a space where organizations and people can come together and discuss the concept of Trust & Tech, Today & Tomorrow. Represents from the IWDK expert committee here share their thoughts on the theme of Internet Week Denmark 2020;

Peter Andersen, Senior Digital Consultant, Nodes

The increase in fake news and unfortunate situations due to both misuses of user data and compromised platforms pose a high risk for all citizens. Furthermore, the trends related to privacy have been exponentially increasing in a direction that means less privacy and more risks for the citizens. This needs a large focus; something needs to be done

Christian Schwarz Lausten, Regional EMEA Lead, Airbnb for Work

Trust is the glue of any society. Without trust, neither business, citizenship or education can take place in an effective and valuable way. In a global world where everyone is connected technology has to create this trust and expand trust, not break it. Right now, we are at a crucial point in time where we develop technologies and digital platforms that can either make or break trust – it’s up to us which it’s going to be.

Phil Hall, Global Content Lead, Designit

It’s becoming harder to grasp the wider effects of individual and corporate actions based on things that are invisible to us. Trust is the key here – it’s more important than ever. By opening up on Trust as a theme for IWDK – listening to, sharing with, and learning from each other – we can begin to build transparency and accountability into the things we can’t see, so that trust can grow.

Andrea Carugati, Ph.D., Professor, Associate Dean for Digitalization, Aarhus BSS

Technology today is ubiquitous and indispensable like air and water. For the same reasons why governments could disregard the protection of air and water but they don’t and organizations could pollute air and water but they don’t, we have to preserve the cleanness of technology. It is not a duty but a civil responsibility.


The IWDK Expert committee consists of

Lise Back Lystlund, Data analyst and founder of Co-coders

Phil Hall, Global Content lead at Designit

Peter Andersen, Senior Digital Consultant at Nodes

Tue Beck, CEO of Campfire

Andrea Carugati, Professor and Associate Dean for Digitalization at Aarhus BSS

Christian Schwarz Lausten, Regional EMEA Lead at Airbnb for Work

Laura Vilsbæk, Independent consultant with a focus on digital business development

Johan Bitsch Nielsen, Executive Digitaladvisor at Elkion Management ApS

Karsten Bubber Outzen, Digital and strategic advisor

Bo Sejerr Frandsen, CEO of it-forum

Tine Lai Andersen, Smart City consultant at Aarhus Kommune

Hannu Vangsgård, CEO of E-commerce

Louise Overgaard, Head of Internet Week Denmark

Brian Woodward, Head of communication at Internet Week Denmark