Technology needs humanists!

By Camilla Sondrup

As Arts students, it can sometimes be difficult to put one`s skills into words and thus grasp all the opportunities that exist for, well, humanists.

The tech industry is currently lacking employees – and it isn’t just programming skills that are in demand. Also, interdisciplinary competences are in short supply.

To understand human behavior and thus develop the best and most user-friendly technology we need much more than technical skills. In the interplay between human beings and artificial intelligence, new requirements for humanistic competencies emerge. Technology is invading our privacy, and thus presenting a huge and important challenge to ensure the interaction between humans and robots runs smoothly in a user-friendly, dignified, and ethical matter. 

Technology has mainly been driven by engineering with a focus on the technology itself. However, for it to keep evolving, it must be supplemented by humanists, communication practitioners, and designers which all hold a natural focus on the users of the tech devices. And so, it can be argued that the best digital developments occur in an interdisciplinary team that considers, observes, listens to, and understands the end-user – and humanistic skills are an important part of that process.   

Furthermore, we must go beyond box-thinking stating that either you are a humanist, or you are an it-developer. If you have a background in humanities and you strive to enter the technical dimension, it is crucial that you are prepared to adapt and familiarize yourself with a different world view – putting those interdisciplinary competences of yours, that we know you possess, into play.

Accordingly, IWDK in collaboration with Humanister i Erhvervslivet organizes a workshop on the topic – From humanist to tech-humanist.

Our very own Louise Overgaard will share her career path going from something as humanistic as Religion studies and psychology to her position as Head of Internet Week Denmark, Denmark`s leading digital festival. You`ll be asked to use your humanistic competences in order to solve a specific case concerning technology and ethics. 

The workshop aims to provide insights into how you may foster your career within innovation and digitalization.    

The workshop takes place on Wednesday, November 20 and will be held in Danish.  

The event is for students only. Register for your free ticket here


// Program //

17.00 – 17.45 – Louise Overgaard`s career path

17.45 – 18.00 – Dinner

18.00 – 19.30 – Casework

19.30 – 20.00 – Summing up