TRUST & TECH: The IWDK21 Theme

By Camilla Sondrup Nielsen

Increasingly, technology is affecting our trust in democracy, social interactions and businesses – for better and for worse. That’s why Internet Week Denmark 2021 will focus on how digital developments are affecting Trust & Tech, Today & Tomorrow.

For years, Denmark has ranked at the top of the world’s happiest country lists, inevitably vying with our Scandinavian neighbours for the number one spot each year. And while happiness can have very different meanings for different people, these rankings are really about something much greater than collectively high dopamine levels.

They are ultimately all about trust.

Trust in democracy and governmental agencies.
Trust in businesses, the media and the organizations fundamental to our everyday welfare and well-being.
Trust in one another and in the future that we are building together.  

In many ways, trust has never had it better.

Sharing economy businesses and e-commerce retailers thrive on high levels of trust between users and customers.

Technology is improving our faith in everything from smart cities to international payments to surgery. 

On the other hand, new technologies like AI and voice recognition create increasingly complex ethical dilemmas, tech continues to blur the lines between information and misinformation and digital developments are defining entirely new challenges for international legislation and diplomacy.     

We look forward to celebrating, discussing and debating the state of Trust and Tech, Today and Tomorrow and charting a course for the future at IWDK 2021.