IWDK secures basis funding through 2025

By Camilla Sondrup Nielsen

Aarhus City Council has appropriated basic funding for Internet Week Denmark through 2025. This has a huge impact on the development of the festival, because it strengthens the festival’s foundation and allows a solid long-term planning process.

Head of IWDK, Louise Overgaard, is extremely satisfied with the guarantied appropriation that gives increased opportunities to raise the bar and set strong future visions for the festival.

“We have seen great progress with IWDK year after year both in terms of the number of participants, speakers and the proceeds of the festival – and with a four-year grant, we are now able to see the festival in a much more long-term perspective and for instance have a greater international focus”, Louise Overgaard says. “IWDK wants to be the leading digital festival in Denmark. The place where IT-professionals and decision makers meet and the event where we show the world how well Denmark works with tech. With this new appropriation we can set larger goals”, she adds.

In addition to the basic appropriation from Aarhus Kommune, Business Region Aarhus and Region Midtjylland – IWDK is funded on crowdsourcing and fundraising as well as a network of partners who all support the festival with knowledge, services, financial partnerships and events. The possibility for long term planning is expected also to boost the ability to create solid partnerships.

IWDK20 is the first in a row of five festivals, and the IWDK team is right now looking for partners for the coming and future festivals.